Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MIDWEEK UPDATE...don't forget to do your post before end of Thursday!

It's time for the midweek updates to roll in. Post them by end of Thursday, please....after that, it's not really MID-week, is it?

Make sure to add your guiding quotes and add anything pertinent, good or bad, about your goals, book, outfit, etc. If you haven't taken progress pics, it's been a month already since we began, so maybe take some.

All the challengers checked in. Meg was late, and she's having some stressful life issues. Please add her to your prayer list if you pray,  your positive thoughts/vibes list if you flow that way. Meg, please try to do updates on Friday or Saturday, since life is being hard, don't think SUNDAY, think Friday. As long as you have weight, waist, and some comments on how you're doing, it shouldn't take long. Heck, as for prayer, if that's what it comes down to. But please schedule updates sooner, so you don't miss the deadlines, thanks.

I hope everyone is making progress in SOME area. If you are doing great in all of them: AMAZING. If you are struggling, keep at it. Bad times come and go. Good times come and go. Life is an ups and downs thing. But we can't quit. Persistence and diligence--that's the only way to make our goal...eventually. :)

Be well, update, keep up with your buddy, and on we go....


Karen Butler Ogle said...

I will remember Meg. Please remember my buddy and daughter, Bethany too. She was just diagnosed with colitis and will have some challenges continuing her plan. I would appreciate anyone who can go over and give her a little extra support and encouragement.

Jo said...

I was late with mid-week update, and publicly asked you for a Groundhog Day do-over. I apologize.