Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Reminder to post a mid-week update....and pray for Bluezy

Hey, fellow challengers.

By now, you should have gotten in touch with your buddy in some form. Right?


Now, get ready to post a mid-week update. It's your update to fill us in on whatever you want having to do with your journey. If you finally got your book, what are your thoughts on what you've read so far? If you've begun a new exercise program, what's it like? If you're breezing through your eating, give us tips. If you're struggling, ask for tips! If you want to do two-weigh ins a week, fine, do it. I'm sure we'd love to see pics of your meals, exercise gear, walking path, whatever...include us in the journey. Be accountable, if it's tough out of the starting gate. Just post.

Remember to post your guiding quote(s) in each challenge update--official and midweek.

That's just to help with keeping the focus.

ETA: Please pray for Bluezy and her family, those of you who are prayer folks. They are having a crisis (which I am not a liberty to speak of), and it's serious and stressful. Please remember them in the coming days and ask God to open doors for them to solve the crisis. Thanks. To Bluezy's buddy--if this becomes a challenge dropout situation, I'll sign on as your buddy until such time as someone else can take Bluezy's place.

And on we go....

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Angela Pea said...

Of course I'll pray for Bluezy and her family.

Happy MidWeek Everyone!