Sunday, January 1, 2012

IT HAS BEGUN! Here are the Buddy Pairings...let's make the first months of 2012 a shining beginning to a great year of health!

*Casey and Julie
*Bluezy and lv2
*Eaba and Nanette
*Debby and UpInTheCosmos
*Jenny and Betty
*Jordan and Mir
*Karen and Bethany
*Megan and Jillian
*Angela and Jo  
(Jo has not linked up as of midnight, so I entered her url/name/email. You can do this for your buddy, too, no differently than you update your own info. See? :D I think Jo was used to the CDCC Sunday deadline and got confused. From now on, it will be a Sunday Midnight, Eastern time, deadline. So, you have a bit more leeway.)

Please contact each other via your blogs, pass along emails, exchange phone numbers or anything else. You must also figure out how to keep each other accountable, cover for each other on vacations to make sure linkies are up, etc. Be strong together.

There are all sorts of ways to make sure links are done and in. Create a duo blog and make each other administrators...and you can make and post links for each other. Prepost EARLY a placeholder post with the challenge update title, then your partner can just copy the url and add the link for you, and you can go back and add the info on your return. Figure it out, people!

If you ever have a significant, unsolvable impasse/problem/issue with your buddy, contact me. We'll figure that out together. But you're all great people. I know you'll be sources of support and camaraderie.

Okay, we've begun. I pray a blessing over each and every one of us. Good health, great joy,  and better, leaner weights in 2012.

Be well...and...



Karen Butler Ogle said...

Happy New Year, Princess! I wish us all the best for 2012. :)

Julie said...

Happy New Year Mir. We all will make each other proud. We all will be in better shape, better health and better frames of minds as we all learn from each other. Thank you Mir for all your hard work.
Take care Mir, blessings to you and your hubs.

Jordan said...

Aaannnddd we're off!!! Happy new year all! Testament to how important this is - shortly after the ball dropped, I found myself here reading all your entries! Here's to great beginnings!

Nanette said...

woowooo! I'm excited! I'm racing the new boy to -50lbs... I need to beat him.

Betty said...

Happy New Year! To the best skinniest year ever!

Casey said...

Happy New Year everyone!

Chinagirl said...

Happy New Year to all the lovely women on this challenge. I just visited some of you (couldn't do all blogposts yet, but I will continue tomorrow)and I think, there are just brave and strong women here! I'm so excited!

Eaba said...

Happy New Year Ladies! We had a great New Year's Eve and I'm roarin' and ready to go! It's easy to make others proud, so let's make ourselves proud this year!

Bethany said...

Happy New Year to everyone! Good luck to all as we start this new year out with our feet running and a few pounds lighter.

lv2 said...

Happy New Year.......I'm looking forward to all of us being smaller or toner or whatever our hearts desire. Thanks again to Mir for her hard work.

Angela Pea said...

Happy New Year!!