Thursday, December 29, 2011

Still Waiting To Get Emails from THREE Challengers..See why I needed an even number of challengers? And...the initial linky goes up soon...

The linky should be up tonight. If it doesn't work, I'll fiddle with it. :)

As of 9:54 pm (right now), I am still waiting for the info emails from 3 Challengers. Don't forget about that, ladies. See previous post if you missed that.

Any last hour questions, post them here.

The Buddy System will be simple: In the first linky update, you will be paired with a buddy based on how you link up. 1 is buddy with 2. 3 with 4. 5 with 6. 7 with 8, etc.

This is why I needed an even number of challengers.

This is why you cannot quit. If you quit, you abandon your buddy. You leave a challenger BUDDYLESS. So, you're now totally accountable to stick it out for the sake of that person. Not just the group or me. THAT particular person.

If there is a person you want to be buddies with (like your sister or a particular blogging pal), make sure you link up pretty simultaneously in that numerical pattern. If you are the 9th link in the initial update, then your buddy is number 10 (the person after of you). If you're number 12, your buddy is number 11 (the person ahead of you).

Make note of the person who is your buddy, go to their blog, make contact, exchange emails (and any other info you want) and BECOME A SUPPORT DUO/TEAM! Do not let your buddy get disheartened or quit. Be accountable. Be an encourager par excellence for them.

As of 9:55 pm, I have heard from the following, 3 more to go:

I have received info emails from:

Karen O
Nanette N


Bluezy said...

That is so genius. I get it and like it. So often it is easy to give up on ourselves, but to be all out for others. This is the bomb challenge!

Debby said...

Mir I sent my email to you yesterday afternoon. Have you still not received it?