Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Eve To Easter Challenge 2012....

Now creating a blog for the upcoming challenge,which will kick off New Year's Eve and run through April 8, Easter 2012.

Note: Feel free to comment and ask questions here. BUT...until I put up the rules post with a call for requests for entry for remaining slots, don't request to be added. THIS IS FOR INFO and assorted comments. Do not request to join yet.

Okay, some preliminary stuff....but the final rules will mirror this very closely, so pay attention. (I will update this as I think/refine, so may wanna recheck it.)


I chose the name because of the holiday/dates (New Year's EVE, Easter), and because of the images of Eve (the women tempted by a food item, hah) and Easter (the day of rebirth, transformation, change, overcoming a major obstacle, victory, glory).

Fits. We're out to change. We're out to overcome our weaknesses/temptations and emerge victorious, changed, new, fresh, alive.

The rules/particulars will be up soon. Challengers will be selected for the final roster before NY Eve, naturally. I've already scheduled a post for this blog with the initial linky. It will publish on Dec 29. Challengers will have until midnight 12/31/11, Eastern Time, to add their links. Got that? Good.

The current challengers (preselected):

Mir (challenge lead)
Angela Pea (co-lead)
Karen (Sunshine)
Beth (Obesity Strike)
Jo (sowwy  ; )  )
Jordan (toujours...)
Megan (reinventing..)

If you're in the blogroll in the sidebar to the right, it's cause you're IN. I will add folks bit by bit, so check that blogroll to see if you're in. I'll try to remember to add to the list above, but that's not the indicator. BLOGROLL..k? If you are not there, you're not in.

If I added you by mistake or you want out, just post a comment and I'll update as needed. As the challenge progresses, I'll try to keep it updated (ie, if someone misses a linky, they get removed, as I assume that means you are no longer in--unless I get an email/comment with an explanation. Just like the previous challenge. Accountability counts.)

There will be anywhere from 2 to 10 more slots. I'm still undecided on ultimate size. Will depend on requests, I suppose. I choose the challengers. If you quit on one of my previous challenges, I won't select ya, so don't ask. If you had trouble updating/linking on time and following the rules in my previous challenge, this may not be for you, cause I will get cranky if you pull the same crap again on me.

I'm looking for folks who will stick it out and commit to the 14 weeks...good, bad, or midling results. STICK IT OUT.

Because life happens, I do need a co-lead who will be there to take up slack, be cheerleader, post encouragements, and, should something happen to me, keep it going. I will also include a buddy system so that there will be deeper support and a way to get update linkies in should a challenger be on vacation, have computer/internet issues, etc.

FOR THIS CHALLENGE YOU WILL NEED (none will be negotiable):

A blog. (I added this due to a comment, just to be really, really clear). You will have to do TWO weekly blog posts ON YOUR OWN BLOG for the challenge. 1. The official weekly update that you link up. 2. One other post that doesn't require a linky, but is a midweek self-check. If you're having trouble--or doing great and celebrating--or tweak--or want to ask your readers for support---do it. One by Sunday. One closer to mid-week. Use one to report on what your book is doing for you, maybe give a quote or tip from the book. Prove you're doing the bookwork in one of these updates. So....TWO UPDATES a week on the blog you use for the challenge. Minimum. (Feel free to post daily if that keeps your mojo up.) Ok?

A scale for weekly weigh-ins and a tape measure for weekly to monthly measures (am undecided on the frequency, but prolly weekly of at least a waist measurement).

A camera phone or digital camera to upload the required before/after pics.

A dress, top, pair of jeans, or other item of clothing that doesn't fit or doesn't fit RIGHT, that you want to fit into/fit perfectly into.

You will need to set goals.

You will need to acquire at least ONE book to read to help you work on your issues)--the issue(s) that keep you from getting control of eating/exercising/emotions/temptations. Work on the issue. You will need to READ the book and work on the issue and report on it. Book title (or tentative titles) must be included in the INITIAL CHALLENGE GOALS and starting weigh-in/measure post.

A guiding quote.  If you're a Christian, maybe a Bible verse. If you're another religion, maybe a holy proverb or scripture to give you a vision. If you're non-religious, maybe a philosophical statement or proverb from some classic work that can be your "vision statement". If none of those work for you, create your own vision/guiding/hope statement. Use it to focus on your updates. Don't ever lose heart. I got this idea from my years of praying for a "word" of the year. In the past, I've gotten words from the Lord like "change" and "courage". I'm gonna start praying for my 2012 word or verse. So, I hope it's one that really motivates me. :D   Find your guiding/vision statement/philosophical principle/affirmation. USE IT in every update, if you can or wish to. Believe it.


Think NOW about what it is you want to focus on. If you're maintaining your weight but want to tone'll need to figure out how to measure that. Maybe with a tape measure (leaner, smaller, same weight) or with pictures of muscles toning or with some fancy doohickey to measure body fat. Or you may track your exercise routine. BUT YOU MUST HAVE MEASURABLE factors. If it's exercise, are you using heavier weights every other week or doing more walking minutes weekly or walking faster or adding more days of exercise. It must be something you can track.

Weight, inches, energy level, days without binges, glasses of water, hours of reading/issue work, calories eaten, hours slept, time meditating for calm/praying for strength, sessions of therapy, meetings with dietitian, minutes of X or hours of Y...whatever...trackable! You don't know if you're improving or not without some measure, right?

Tangible is good. Outfit. Tape measure.
Visual is good. Scale, photos.
Written is good: food journal, exercise journal, journal of issues-work, charts, grids....

Whatever helps you focus and measure and know you're changing. It's good!

If your issues are emotional and too personal to talk about on a blog, at least mention the book and issue and what YOU CAN mention...that might help others to help you, too. If it's spiritual, talk about the book and how it may help others with that issue.

If you come to decide that your book selection sucks, feel free to change it midstream, but you must have ONE FIRMLY SELECTED AND OBTAINED by end of week one.

Any goal/book/quote changes should be mentioned as an alteration and duly updated, but it's fine to change your mind about what you need to/want to do. Just make it measurable and something your can work on within challenge parameters.

The item of clothing must be obtained for a before photo (may simply be of item of clothing if it doesn't fit at all.) That photo must be in the initial update. Take advantage of post Christmas sales if you have to, or dig into your closet for something old from a leaner you or borrow it, but get it. 

First update will be due by end of New Year's Eve. If you have a lot of parties planned, well, suck it up and post earlier. The link will open Dec 29. But that's it. New Year's Eve. No update, you're out of the challenge before it begins!

Details of rules will follow. This will give you a clue about what's ahead so you can start pondering what you plan to focus on and firm up those measureable goals.


Jo said...

I'm not on your list. Did you forget me already?? Boo Hoo!

Love the name you chose. Don't mind the tape measure or scale. Love to read. Love to give support. Love to get support. Need to be accountable. Will even do pics if you make us, but don't like it. So I can learn.

Thanks for offering another challenge! Hope I will be included.

donnamacd said...

Just newly joining you. One question: do I have to have a blog to participate? I don't have one, but I'm an enthusiastic follower!

Betty said...

Woohoo! Let the fun begin. :) Now I have to find something tight that I want to fit in to. Love shopping. Good excuse. :)

Love the name of the new challenge. So fitting!

Princess Dieter said...

Jo, you've been added. THANKS, Miz Betty!

Donna...I always require blogs for challenges. That's how they do updates, post pics, follow/track goals, ask for support, get support. :)

Jordan said...

I like it!! Since I'm going out of town from Saturday returning late NYE, I'll be extremely optimistic and get a tight tight pair of jeans and make sure I get a picture before I go! It's a great idea to make us think about a guiding quote - you're stretching me to think in ways I haven't done before!

upinthecosmos said...

I love the name & thought or symbolism behind it! So gla I read this now cause I'll need to do some prep work for sure so I can meet all the requirements! This is gonna be fun:-)

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I'm ready except for the tape measure. I hope I get this right. Do we update on our blog or on this blog or on both? I'm a little confused since I wasn't in the last challenge with you. Love the name BTW. Great Challenge name.

Princess Dieter said...

On your own blog, K.

For anyone who doesn't know what I mean by "linky" or updates, etc, please see the blog for how I did the previous challenge. You can also check my own blog (happy weight after, see right sidebar) for past updates to see how I did them. YOu can check the blogs at the CDCC blog (xmasdress) (I left the blogroll up) to see how THEY updated (usually Saturdays/Sundays).

Julie said...

Oh I'm ready. Just started one new book this week, going to work on that and then my going to be new book. A quote, just read it today and boy is it bending my mind in ways I didn't think possible. Okay with the scale, not thrilled was really looking forward to a monthly weigh in but need you and this challenge so rules are rules. This will be cool Mir, exciting!!
Take care and God Bless!

Nanette said...

Oooo!!! I want in! I definitely have clothing that doesn't fit... and books on the way for christmas... and plenty more fat to lose.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Thanks, Mir. My daughter is bringing back my tape measure tomorrow and I will be all set. I'm so excited to get started.:)

Jennneil said...

Please consider me for the challenge. I really want to do it. I have the jeans I can't get on (but I think I'd like to buy a dress to work toward), the book, the scale, the tape measure, the camera, the blog. I'd love to be in it.

Beth said...

This is BRILLIANT!!!! I'm quite excited. This is just what I need to ramp up my focus. Now I need to think of a mission statement and think of what my main measurable focus will be.

Off to get my thinking cap on!

Megan said...

I'm hoping I can join this challenge as the CDC was REALLY helpful for me. I did stick it out and lost 14 pounds, although I admit I ididn't follow thru on the book, nor did I comment as much as I should have. Please consider me...I'll do better on this one...promise:)

Casey said...

I'd love to participate! I love the accountability! I don't do so well without it.
I have lots of too tight clothing to choose from!Hope you'll consider me to join!

Chinagirl said...

Thank you, Princess. I just realized, that I'm in and I'm SOOOOO happy about it!!!! Thank you! It won't be easy for me, but I want to do my best!

Debby said...

I just received your comment on my post about the email. I sent it to your earlier today. It hasnt come back to me as undeliverable. Let me know if you still dont have it.

Princess Dieter said...

Thanks, Debby. For some reason, google placed it in the "spam" section. I retrieved it. :)