Tuesday, December 27, 2011

18 Challengers Accepted. Please do your prep work for initial post/challenge

Please look at blogroll to the right to see your fellow challengers.  It's possible I'll make an exception for 2 more entrants (I want an even number in the challenge, so if I did accept challengers it would have to be TWO more, not one.)

You will have one buddy in this challenge. Your buddy will be revealed when you do the initial linky this weekend. The link will go up soon, and you will need to update by the deadline. DO NOT MISS DEADLINES.

Your buddy will be the person you will most closely support, keep track of, and help with those times you need someone else to speak for you (should your computer crash, etc). You will need to exchange emails, phone numbers-- if you so desire--and who will have your back as needed. If your buddy is having a lot of trouble with the challenge, it will be up to you to alert others to come and support. They are to do the same for YOU.

I will also need your email before the challenge starts. Please send it to me before 12/31/11. I need your first name or moniker (what I can address you as), your blog url (makes life easy for me), and whatever else you want to add. :)

Reach me at my gmail account that has the name of my original weight loss blog. The address is : onceuponadiet

(Yes, I'm not typing out the address proper as that will get me spammed.)

I have received info emails from:

Karen O
Nanette N

waiting on 3 more as of 9:53 pm Thursday...

Once I get all your emails, I'll delete the info above on my addy. Note down my addy for future reference, K? Now, send me an intro email so I have your email address for any necessary group mails. I have how to reach me at my blog (see sidebar right, scroll down). Do not spam me. Do not send me humorous emails. Do not add me to any email lists. THANKS.

You will be responsible for having a weekly update and a url for that update entered into the linky. There are ways to make a url ahead of time on Blogger (you create a post, get a preview, copy the url, and then schedule it for a future date. This way, you can give your buddy a url for the update linky if you are out of town of puter-disabled. You can always ENTER the actual post update info LATER, but the url has to be a real one for the linky. Got it? If not, ask in the comments. If you plan to go on vacation or have issues, make sure your BUDDY gets the url for your scheduled updates/future updates, so they can enter it/them in the linkies for you. COORDINATE THIS between you two.

Okay, keep an eye out for the first update linky. I will make another post to clarify again what needs to be in there.  For now, do your prep work. Have all the items I specified previously you'd need--scale, tape measure, pictures of outfit, books, etc--and be ready to give a good, solid, goal-oriented, comprehensive first post with your weight, waist measure, book titles (links to where folks can buy, read about book is nice, too), etc.

Welcome to the challenge. I will need your support and help as much as you need the support and help of your fellow challengers. Do not let me or yourself or each other down by slacking on support, missing updates, or quitting. This is, naturally, an individualized endeavor, but it's also a group effort. You are not alone, and you should not act as if your being in or out is not important. IT IS.

Now, on we go...


Nanette said...

Weeee!!! I'm so stinking excited! I'm ready for a new crack at round two!

Julie said...

I'm ready Mir. Spend part of today getting everything together and posted and ready to roll on Friday (my update day since I never know what the weekend will bring). 18 is a good number, not to many to read and learn from.
Take care and have a blessed week.

Casey said...

Thanks so much for letting me join! I'm soooo ready!

Betty said...

I agree with Julie. 18 is a good number and it´s manageable to give good support.
I´ve got my post prep´ed and ready to go. All I need is my weigh in number on Saturday.
Sent you my email info too.
Good luck everyone!!

P.S. Thanks for including my sister and my friend Casey!