Monday, March 5, 2012

Thanks for linking, and we're down 1 Challenger, so visit lv2 and support, K?

So glad to see that at the 9th update, we have only lost one challenger. 17 out of 18 still in there, hanging in, working on issues. Keep supporting each other.

Since lv2 is buddyless, please make an effort to drop by her blog and give her support. She's having some family medical stuff going on and prayers are surely appreciated. She still has the captcha, but work through it. I know, I know. They're annoying. But try.

It's Bethany's birthday today. Wish her a happy one. She reported a great loss.

Karen: Have problems going to your update. Tried 4 times and it won't load for me. :( I suspect it's the music playlist. If you don't see comments from me, that's why.

Have a good week, everyone.

Be well...


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Thanks, Princess. I'll check on it. It wasn't playing today, I noticed. The site may be down.

lv2 said...

Thanks.....I thought I got rid of it....I'll try again. My son that usually helps is the one that had surgery and is still having problems. Part of me wishes I was still there to help him, he seemed to be doing better when we left...went to work today and didn't do so great. He goes to have the surgical nurse check him tomorrow.