Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mid-Week Update Reminder and Inventory of Who Is Still In...

Okay, only 13 link-ups last Sunday.

Not in the challenge: Bluezy and Megan seem to be out of it for personal reasons. :(

Was late, but left a comment: Bethany

Didn't check in: Eaba, Jillian.
Jillian is on vacation, and that may be the issue there. Eaba, check in, please.
Buddies, what is up here?

I need to know clearly if you're still in or not. Thanks.

Okay, on we go. Mid-week update #12 is due by end of Thursday.

Be well and fight the fat!


Nanette said...

Eaba still wants in I believe... She just bought a house and is mid-moving. Sorry I didn't catch her in time to post for her. She did a post about it, wondering if she was still in since she missed linky.

Angela Pea said...

I'm still here! My midweek has PICTURES of my amazing hiking adventure.

Thank you for the reminder, Mir.

Julie said...

Good morning. 1123 miles so far. All is well. Will try short update but not positive. Take care. Blessings all.

Jillian said...

Gah! I genuinely thought that my updating from my phone had worked until I read this post. Stupid Android. Posted my mid-week update today and will be posting my official update on Sunday. I'm so sorry for the confusion!

Anonymous said...

I'm here and I'm in.