Tuesday, March 27, 2012

MidWeek Update Reminder: And We Should Have 17 Still In The Game (only 1 drop, yay!)

This ends April 8. March is nearly done. Less than 2 weeks time. A good finish? We can try!

Please do your midweek update before end of Thursday.

Remember the lv2 doesn't have a buddy and is struggling, and do go support her. She has the darn captcha, but work though it. PLEASE VISIT our buddyless challenger.

As to the last weekly update, we had 16, and Julie had advised us she'd miss the linky, so 17 in all out of 18 are still hanging in there. Bluezy, if you want to be back in for the last 1 1/2, come back, do the updates starting today or tomorrow, and get on board. Let's finish strong.

For those of you also in the Ready for Summer, I'll see you there in those updates. I'm burned out of hosting challenges, and just wanna be a participant for the next one. :D I like accountability, though, so this is a good thing for me.

Happy midweek!

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