Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thank You! 17 Challenge Updates (One Missed Linky), so We've Still Only Lost 1 Person entering the Final Week! Bluezy, even in Idaho, come back for the finale!

One of the main rules I always make for the challenges I've led/co-led is NO QUITTING ALLOWED, no matter how hard you struggle.

Out of 18 initial challengers, we had one drop (medical, other issues). That's pretty astounding for a 14 week run. I think you've all seen challenges where even half or more of the challengers just fade away.... or where the challenge itself just sort of dribbles away.

I'm very thankful you all took it seriously and STUCK IT OUT. I'm hoping you will be happy with your final result--what you learned from your books, what you learned about your bodies and minds and spirits, how your outfits fit, how you exercised.

Less than a week to the end. YOU WILL NEED TO POST PICS of your outfit if you can try it on (even if it doesn't fit properly). Give as helpful a recap as you can for YOURSELF (your own journaling resource) and for OTHERS, who need help on their journey. What worked best. What didn't work. What you plan to keep doing. Your epiphanies, if any.

Now, remember to do your midweek update by end of Thursday. Keep in touch with your buddies.

And please, let's see 18 links in the finale. Everyone back in for the last bow in this leg of the journey. Ya hear me, BLUEZY!!!!

I plan to put up the linky earlier than usual, so that those folks traveling for Easter or busy for Passover or any other reason can do their final link-up before the weekend. DO NOT MISS THIS FINAL LINKY!


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Princess, I may have to do something a little unorthodox. I will be posting my update but I don't think my ego can take photos of an outfit that I can't get on now that I could in the beginning. I may post photos of the newest outfit I got that fits to show that even though I've lost ground, I'm not down and out and I'm still way under my highest weight ever. I'm not in bad shape where I am, it is just that I know I can do better. I hope you will understand.

Princess Dieter said...

Totally understand, Karen. In cases where the out fit doesn't fit or almost fit (the only times one could take a pic of it on, or I guess it would be rated R ; )--it's fine to do an alternate. Do what's best.

Bluezy said...

I posted already and just waiting for you me deary! LOL It will be easier this way because I don't like composing with my android. It gets all whacky with posting pics. I can handle doing a link up,though. And I did do the pics...eh I didn't do the scales and let me just tell you my emotion is better with out that double whammy right now...but I did weigh like a week ago...so I know I did not do so much damage. I guess I am a late NOT QUITTER...huh? I have been so bad and I so sorry. I did not commit to a challenge again because of my latest bad behavior. Yet if sometime soon when I seem to be back on that wagon riding it like the scooter of old...hey yeah I will be on it. I need to just get back to My Fitness Pal and do the math again. Math was good for me.