Friday, February 24, 2012

LINKY IS UP for update due by Sunday, February 26, midnight, Eastern Time

Note: I'm gonna start boycotting commenting on blogs with captchas. Nothing personal, please know that. I simply get beyond irritated when I have to try and enter the KGB level encryption codes sometimes. Geesh. So, sorry. If you retain the captcha, I'll likely not comment when I come to see how you're doing. K? K!


Megan said...

What is a captch? How do I get rid of it?

lv2 said...

I know what it is...but i'm not sure if i have it on and if so how do I turn it off?

Princess Dieter said...

Wanna know what we see when we go to your blog? Sign OUT of Blogger, go to your blog anonymously, and try to add a comment without signing in. That is a captcha--the letters/words that you have to input to get a comment posted.

To remove it, you have to go to Blogger dashboard (old style, not new Blogger dashboard) and go to the comments section and get rid of the authentication caption options.

You can google up instructions on how to do it. T hat's how I found out. :D