Monday, February 27, 2012

Focusing on Exercise goals...even when it hurts...

So many of you have done wonderfully being consistent--whether it's calories or movement or support or your reading. Thanks!

This week, it's my reinvigorate myself and get over this ugly time-time. :D I keep the faith. NO QUITTING!

I made this video for THIS blog, for my challenge buds, but I posted it to my regular blog, too.

Happy new week.

Note: Only Bluezy did not link up. BLUEZY, CHECK IN PLEASE!!! And Bluezy's buddy, try to get in touch and get Bluezy back into things. If we can help, let us know, guys!

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Karen Butler Ogle said...

I would love to have a pink mood. Pink is my favorite color. In fact, I just bought a new bink blouse today. Have a good night and a good day tomorrow, Mir. :)